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Provide a set of REST APIs to manage .ota package publishing and management with a default hosted implementation.


Codepush / over the air publishing services are typically separate initiatives from the frameworks which they target. Registry aims to provide an integrated codepush experience for Hydro-SDK.


The REST APIs used to communicate with Registry are currently unstable though they are expected to stabilize for a future 1.0.0 release of Hydro-SDK.

The API is documented using Swagger at

The client implementation is open-source at

Though the service powering is closed-source (and will likely remain so), the APIs are open and Registry implementations can be freely swapped out by end users. Parts of Hydro-SDK which interact with Registry expect an instance of RegistryApi. RegistryApi can be configured with a different scheme, host or port than the default which points to the closed-source implementation. Similarly, the codepush SDK-tool can be provided with --registry-scheme, --registry-host and --registry-port switches to override the default.